3 Ways An Electrician Can Help You Prepare Your Home For A Bug-In

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In the world of survivalism and prepping, there is a lot of talk of both bugging-out and bugging-in. Bugging-out refers to leaving your home with your survival necessities with you, but bugging-in refers to sheltering-in-place or staying in your home for a long period without the ability to leave. If you are in the process of making your home more bug-in worthy, there are a few service professionals you may have to call on to help you out. An electrician just happens to be one of those service professionals. Here is a look at a few ways an electrician can help you prepare your home for a bug-in situation. 

An electrician can help you install a standby generator. 

Having a standby generator is going to be a major advantage if you are bugging-in and the power goes out. Even though you may already know how to make it without electricity, having a fuel-powered generator will give you time to cook or preserve the expirable foods you have in the refrigerator and get otherwise prepared for your long span of time with no power. Plus, if you have access to fuel during a bug-in, having a generator to run periodically can be a major advantage. 

An electrician can help you changeover to solar appliances. 

Take a look at your home and think about all the appliances that rely on electricity. If something happens and the power grid goes down, you will be left with a stove, refrigerator, and a water heater that is basically useless. You may not be able to find a solar-powered range or oven, but there are some appliances that can function purely with solar power. For example, solar-powered water heaters are growing increasingly common, and an electrician can help you install one. 

An electrician can help you implement a geothermal heat source. 

heat is going to be a necessity if you live in an area where the temperatures are pretty cold in the winter. Ideally, you will have a wood stove or a fireplace that will allow you to use a readily available resource to heat the house if the power goes down. However, there is one other option that an electrician can help you with: a geothermal heat system. Geothermal heat systems harvest warm energy from the surrounding environment and use that to power the house. These systems are so energy efficient that they can easily get by on just solar energy or be used alongside a standby generator.  

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