What You Need To Do If An Outlet Starts Smoking

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If you have an outlet in your home that starts to smoke, you need to take quick action. A smoking outlet is a serious issue you can't ignore and wait to pass; it is something you need to address right away.

Turn Off the Power

As soon as you see smoke coming from the outlet, you need to quickly get to your circuit box and turn off the power that runs to that circuit. If you are not sure which circuit you need to turn off, turn off all circuits that you think it may be.

Unplug the Devices

Next, you need to unplug any devices that are plugged into that outlet. When you unplug the device, do so carefully. You want to make sure that you don't get hurt in any way, but you also want to unplug everything as quickly as you can to prevent further damage.

Feel Around the Outlet

After you unplug any appliances that are plugged into the outlet, you need to feel around the wall. If the wall around the outlet is hot, that means there could be a fire behind your walls.  You need to call 911 and alert them to the fire right away. It is also a smart idea to get everyone out of your home.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

Although you should get everyone out of your home if the area around the outlet is hot or the smoke pouring out is excessive, you can try to put the fire out on your own while waiting for help. You can use a powder-based or a CO2 fire extinguisher on an electrical fire.

Be sure to check the fire extinguisher and make sure it is the right kind. Using the wrong kind of fire extinguisher or trying to use water to put out an electrical fire could result in you getting electrocuted. You don't want to cause another emergency when dealing with the first one.

Keep the Power Out

You don't want to turn the power back onto that circuit until you know what has happened. Have a licensed electrician come and check out the wiring and figure out what went wrong, and make the appropriate repairs before you turn the power back on.

If you have an outlet that starts to smoke, turn off the power, and unplug any electrical devices plugged into the outlet. If the area around the outlet feels hot, or lots of smoke is pouring out, call emergency services. If you have a CO2 fire extinguisher or a power-based fire extinguisher, you can use that to stop the fire. Don't turn the power back on until you have an electrician check everything out and repair the issue.

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