Diagnosing Problems With Your Landscape Lighting System

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Outdoor lighting can have a dramatic impact on your home's curb appeal during the night hours. Landscape lighting can highlight certain features and help illuminate your yard for maximum safety.

Whenever your landscape lighting system begins to malfunction, the problem probably originates in one of three major components. Learn more about these components so that you will be better prepared to diagnose problems with your landscape lighting in the future.


A landscape lighting system that isn't working probably has a faulty transformer. The transformer is responsible for supplying power to the lighting system. Loose connections inside the transformer can wreak havoc on your outdoor lighting. At best, a loose connection will cause your lighting system to short out. At worst, loose connections can generate heat that melts nearby connections and creates a fire hazard.

An experienced electrician will be able to tighten or replace loose connections in your transformer to ensure your outdoor lighting continues working properly.


A quality outdoor lighting system will feature many different types of fixtures. These fixtures are in constant danger of sustaining damage. Outdoor fixtures are exposed to the elements, may come into contact with landscaping implements, and can be trampled by energetic children. A damaged fixture will not illuminate your landscape, so you will need to call an electrician to replace the fixture if you want to restore your lighting system. Sometimes the fixture itself can be repaired, other times a total replacement is needed to address the damage.

You have the opportunity to upgrade your lighting system whenever you need to replace a fixture, so ask your electrician for recommendations before selecting a replacement fixture.

Wire Connections

Each light fixture in your landscape is connected to the transformer with a wired connection. These connections can become weak points in your lighting system and contribute to a lack of illumination in your yard. Wire connections are typically buried underground at the time of installation. It's important that the wire itself and any hardware used to create the connection are constructed from corrosion-resistant materials. If they are not, the wire connections will begin to deteriorate over time.

An electrician will be able to dig up the existing connections in your landscape and install new ones that are capable of withstanding corrosion well into the future.

Don't let issues with your landscape lighting system compromise the beauty of your yard. Work with an electrician to diagnose problems with the transformer, fixtures, or wire connections to get lighting repair services.

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