What To Look For In A Rental Crane

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Cranes are valuable for a lot of tasks on many different work sites. If you need one only for a short window of time, renting is the best move on your part. Pursuing this option won't be so bad if you go after these things from the very beginning. 

Aired Up Tires

Cranes are very heavy and that means the tires on the bottom are exposed to a lot of pressure. That leaves them susceptible to losing air over time. It's a common problem, but you need to keep an eye out for it when you go looking for a rental crane.

Spend time looking at each tire's overall condition and follow up by checking the PSI. If these numbers are off, ask the rental provider to air up the tires appropriately. Then, when you actually start using the rental crane, you'll have no trouble navigating it around different terrains.

Right Crane Type

When you go looking for rental cranes, you might be taken back by just how many different types there are. There are telescopic, truck-mounted, rough-terrain, loader, and overhead cranes. Each of these comes with different specs and help with particular operations.

If your worksite involves a lot of dirt and gravel, a rough-terrain crane would serve you best. If you need to adjust the crane's height, a telescopic crane can help you reach various distances with ease. 

What you can do to find the right crane type is see what activities your work project involves and compare them with features of different cranes.

Professional Delivery

Work projects requiring rental cranes involve a lot of steps. You, thus, may not have time to pick up a rental crane and transport it to your worksite. Additionally, there are several obstacles you have to stay mindful of when transporting this type of large, heavy machinery.

A full-proof solution is to work with the rental company that is offering this equipment. They should offer professional delivery services. They usually cost something, but at least you won't have to worry about securing a crane to a large truck and then stress about it throughout its travels. The rental company will handle everything; you just have to designate a drop-off location.

Work projects involving material transportation and tall structures can benefit greatly from rental cranes. These rentals are powerful and you'll have an easy time getting one by planning out every detail before actually searching. 

If you have further questions, reach out to a local crane service.

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