Home Solar Conversion: Things To Think About Before You Invest

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There's been a lot of focus on homeowners transitioning to solar energy sources. If you've been thinking about either reducing or eliminating your energy grid dependence, you might be thinking about installing solar panels on your home. If you are thinking about investing in a home solar panel system, there are some things that you need to think about. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know about solar panel conversion and your home.

Plan For Your Future Needs

One of the things that many homeowners don't consider when they invest in solar panel infrastructure is the fact that needs often change over the lifespan of that solar panel system. Most solar panel infrastructure is made to last up to several decades, so that's a lot of changing lifestyle and family to think about.

If you want to be sure that your solar panel infrastructure will continue to meet your needs going forward, take some time to think about your future plans, goals, and any changes that could arise. Talk with your solar panel installer about these considerations to ensure that your system can accommodate them.

Consider Battery Storage

Another important factor when you're installing solar panels is deciding if you want to make a full solar conversion and eliminate your dependence on the municipal grid or if you're just looking to supplement and reduce your energy bills.

If you want to make a clean break from the local energy grid, that requires a more complex approach to your solar panel system. You'll likely need a couple more panels, as well as a battery storage system. The battery system will charge while the sun's rays are available, making that energy available to you when those rays are not available.

Your solar panel installation contractor can help you determine how large of a battery bank you will need for your home's energy consumption, and will advise you if you may want to consider installing a couple of extra panels for additional energy generation.

Look For Rebates

In the interest of protecting the environment, many states, towns, and localities are still offering incentives to homeowners who opt to install solar panels on their homes. If you are serious about making the conversion, reach out to the local officials to see what kinds of rebates there may be for your area.

Your solar installer may be able to help with this as well. Since they are in the business, they have likely encountered many of these rebate programs before. You could save a ton on your solar conversion if you take advantage of the rebates that are available to you.

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