Loud And Serious Signs You Need To Replace Your Electrical Panel

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The electrical power panel is an essential part of your entire home wiring. It is the point of entry where power from the national grid comes in and gets distributed to the different parts of the home. The panel design has breakers whose role is to trip when there is excessive current, preventing electrical damage. As the panel ages, its safety and efficiency might drop due to wear and tear. It is advisable to inspect the panel for potential signs of trouble, especially when you have had it for years. You should call electrical service providers for a replacement immediately you notice these signs of a malfunctioned panel.

The Circuit Breakers Trip and Fail to Reset

As the panel ages, your home becomes more susceptible to power surges. You will notice an increase in the number of power surges you deal with weekly. The circuit breakers also trip because your domestic power needs exceed the capacity of the panel. Also, as the panel ages due to wear and tear, it stops responding when you reset it. If your breakers do not reset long enough for power restoration to the application, you need a professional to inspect the panel. 

The Panel Has Signs of Fire Damage

With time, all the parts of your electrical wiring might wear out, including the wires inside the panel. When they wear out, they become exposed but quickly burn out. You might not notice the burned-out wiring unless you are close to the fuse box. However, you might encounter a burning smell that resembles that of burning rubber. You might also notice black burn marks and smoke stains around the circuit breaker. It is advisable to get emergency repairs when you come across this damage. 

The Lights Flicker and Dim

Flickering and dimming lights are another indicator of trouble with the control panel. Typically, you will notice the dimming and flickering when you switch on high-voltage appliances. Most homes have older electrical panels that haven't adjusted to the high voltage needs of modern electronics. Replacing the panel helps accommodate all new systems. 

The Power Outlets Give Electrical Shock

Wired and earthed power outlets should never shock you when you touch them. Sometimes the problem is the incorrect grounding of the system. At other times, it is an outdated and malfunctioned panel. 

Call an electrical services provider when you notice these problems connected to your electrical panel. With their help, you can rectify any issues affecting your wiring by changing the electrical panel.

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