Lighting Your School's Sports Fields

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In addition to making sure that your school's interior is well-illuminated, you will also have to work to make sure that the entire grounds are illuminated. For schools with sports fields, this can be especially challenging given the size of these areas.

The Placement Of The Lights On The Field

Due to the large size of the sports fields, lighting them can be especially challenging. More precisely, the lights will have to be positioned in a way that will ensure that the sports field is evenly illuminated. To make sure that these lights are positioned so that they will provide an even amount of illumination, it will be necessary to be familiar with the lighting output of options. For school administrators, this can be especially difficult as they may not be informed what to expect from the various different strengths of lights that they will be able to choose for their sports fields. However, there are specialists that will be able to assist these professionals with making informed choices concerning the lighting system that they install on their grounds.

The Durability Of The Sports Field Lights

Durability is a factor that should always be given weight when choosing a lighting system for a sports field. To provide illumination of the entire playing area, it will be necessary for these lights to be placed are tall poles. While this will make it easier for these lights to provide the needed illumination without interfering with the field of play, it can make it difficult when there is a need to change lights that have failed. Prioritizing lighting systems that will rarely need to have these lights changed can significantly reduce the costs and difficulties of keeping these lights working and producing as much illumination as possible.

The Controls For The Field Lighting

Every sports field lighting system will need a control panel that will allow these lights to be turned on. The location where this panel is placed is a key factor that will need to be given ample thought by the administrators. For example, these panels should be placed where they can be easily accessed by coaches or other school officials, but they will also need to be kept safe from tampering. To balance this need, there are protective cases that can be installed over these control panels so that only authorized personnel will be able to use them. This can make it much easier to place these controls in an area where they can be conveniently accessed without being easy for students or other unauthorized individuals to tamper with them.

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